micropress based in Ann Arbor, MI
micropress based in Ann Arbor, MI
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Diskette and Harder Disk are looking for pitches! If you're queer and you make art that you think is well-suited to Risograph printing, please reach out to us!

Pitching FAQ

Where should I send my pitch?
How long are the books you're looking for? Do you want novel-length?
We currently print everything on a Risograph GR3770, which is not well-suited to large, novel-length projects. Midsize projects are ideal, somewhere between 32 and 60 pages, but we can go larger if needed. Take a look at the other things we've printed to get an idea of what we like to do!
How much information should I include in my pitch?
As much as you're able to! We get a lot of pitches, so the more detail you're able to provide, the more your project will stand out from the others! At the same time, we're a very small team. Please don't send us a several hundred-page manuscript without a summary.
Is there anything you *aren't* looking for?
We're not interested in publishing gore/eroguro at this time, but otherwise we're looking for anything good! Look at our catalog... if it seems like your project is in our wheelhouse, please send us a pitch!
What makes Diskette and Hard Disk different? Do I need to pitch differently?
Hard Disk is the hardcore porn imprint of Diskette. If you're making porn, we'd be publishing it under Hard Disk. If you're making a complicated personal narrative that involves sex but isn't meant to be particularly sexy, we'd publish it under Diskette. You don't need to pitch differently, we should be able to tell which imprint is a better fit.
How likely is my pitch to be approved?
Since we're a very small operation we're only able to publish a handful of books a year. We try to respond to every email and we'll let you know if we have interest in your project as soon as we can!
If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to email us! Thanks for pitching!